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This is the Prototype Prelude to "Detective Hank and the Golden Sneeze," (Available on Steam and on Itch.io), an interactive whodunnit visual novel with a different culprit on each playthrough. You can play here in your browser, or download a native version for your PC down below.

Detective Hank finds himself at tea after work hours when his cookie gets stolen. Since Hank is a detective, he's going to find out who took his cookie and in the mean time, get himself another cookie from the kitchen.

Features of this prelude

  • Find out whodunnit in 3 different scenario story lines
  • Changing clues, depending on the culprit
  • Red herrings, not every clue points to the right culprit

This is a demo prelude, the full game will have more suspects, more culprits, more locations, more functions and a completely different story, so this demo contains no spoilers and you can play this even after you've played the full game.

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If you find any bugs or spelling and grammar errors or have any suggestions for features and the like, please let us know in the comments. We can't promise to implement every feature or fix every bug right away, but we'll do our best.

Install instructions

Download, unzip and open the executable.

Latest update news:

Upgraded to version 1.01. Changed text display to a building text animation and added a main and in-game menu.


Detective Hank; A Prelude to Tea v1.02 - Linux 42 MB
Detective Hank; A Prelude to Tea v1.02 - Mac 41 MB
Detective Hank; A Prelude to Tea v1.02 - Windows 39 MB

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