A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You are a ball and try to score another ball in yet another ball's goal in this impossible physics game called "Score a Goal Redux". If that is not difficult enough, the round ball tries to keep the score even.

Features in this game:
- Play with up to 3 players in a high paced game mode. At every moment the odds can change and some other than you might be winning. Practice and the odds will become in your favor.

- Dodge the rocks, walls and bombs! Because just getting the ball to a goal in an open field is easy.

- This game will try to make you happy with lots of colors and happy music!

- Couch and LAN multiplayer! Because games are more fun with friends!

- LAN compatibility with all versions, including Android! Every version can connect to a server of another.

This game is part of a scientific research and is completely free! If you have some spare time, please fill in the anonymous survey.

Install instructions

Download, unzip and start the executable in the parent directory.


Score a Goal Redux windows v1.01 36 MB
Score a Goal Redux linux v1.01 39 MB
Score a Goal Redux mac v1.01 38 MB

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An option for smaller pitch size? Because often the action is focused at midfield, and goals are too distant to reach. BTW, great control system and fun!

That's a great idea! Although this game is a re-upload of an old game of mine, I might update it at some point. I'll look into making the pitch size a scalable option.