Big update adding features to begin proper game

We've been in internet-hibernation for the last couple of months to focus on the development. We've come a long way since then and now the game play is almost complete. A small selection of what we've added:

  • Quests in the open world, shared among all the players on the server.
  • A map and quest log.
  • Health and money pick-up bonuses (money purpose not implemented yet).
  • Switches in the shape of targets.
  • Elevators that are operated by said switches.
  • Tube-puzzles that use the target switches to operate the elevators (seeing is believing).

We hope you have a lot of fun with this update and we hope to give you more features VERY soon.


BLuRT concept demo v006 217 MB
Nov 17, 2017
BLuRT concept demo v006 216 MB
Nov 17, 2017
BLuRT concept demo v006 220 MB
Nov 17, 2017

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