Fire, Forks and Thinking

So we just release concept demo v007 and it's a big one, just in time for the hollidays! There are 3 major changes all consisting of little edits on their own.

First, the game dynamics are now complete. You build a gun, buy it, travel to another town, shoot bots in the process and get money to improve your gun at your destination making you think carefully about what to make next. The costs aren't balanced completely yet, but the base is definitely there.

Second, the AI has improved A LOT. Most notably, they've gotten better at hitting their target, in this case: you. The rocket bot loses track now and then, but the others are most definitely more accurate. They'll fire and not miss this time!

And lastly, the most important one: we have forked the world! As we are moving toward release, at some point we had to split development on the demo and the full game. Behind the scenes we are working on a world 4 to 5 times as big as the current demo world with even more content! Sadly, this also means the demo will receive less updates, but we will make sure that we will soon have a full game for you!

Thank you all so much for your support! We wish you happy hollidays!


BLuRT concept demo v007 249 MB
Dec 22, 2017
BLuRT concept demo v007 261 MB
Dec 22, 2017
BLuRT concept demo v007 253 MB
Dec 22, 2017

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