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BadLands RoadTrip

A physics gun, open world, action RPG with LAN co-op. · By Obsessive Science Games


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Fire, Forks and Thinking
So we just release concept demo v007 and it's a big one, just in time for the hollidays! There are 3 major changes all consisting of little edits on their own...
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Big update adding features to begin proper game
We've been in internet-hibernation for the last couple of months to focus on the development. We've come a long way since then and now the game play is almost c...
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Added map, quest log and a bunch of other things
It's been an eventful month. We've had our Kickstarter, we've been to GamesCom and we've done a lot of feature-building on BadLands RoadTrip, almost none of whi...
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Added character editor, gun removal and IP adress
And we're back with another update. Some of you might've noticed that all players looked the same. Not anymore! When you join or start a new game, you will now...
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Added slides and backward support for DX10
We want to make BadLands RoadTrip as much fun for as many people as possible and that's why we went out of our way to put this update up just before the weekend...
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Added Linux and Mac versions
Just a small update: people were asking for versions of other operating systems, so we included those. Also, the ingame Kickstarter link is now fixed.
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